About our Trustees

The Alice Ruggles Trust currently has eleven trustees, a mixture of family members and close friends who helped set up the charity and professionals with a range of experience and expertise relevant to the Trust’s goals.

Introducing our Trustees...

Dawn Anderson

Dawn is a Qualified Teacher with a background in Public Relations and Leadership and Management. Having been stalked for several years, Dawn is keen to champion and help publicize new initiatives that could prevent stalking from occurring, support victims or lead to better management of perpetrators.

Dr Kelda Henderson

Kelly is a Business Manager for Gentoo, a housing association based in Sunderland, and co-founder of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance. Her work is focused upon improving the housing sector, police and government response to domestic abuse.

Dr Sue Hills

Sue is Alice Ruggles’ mother and a co-founder of the Trust. Sue has delivered talks to school and university pupils, youth groups, the police and the CPS. She is actively involved in campaigning to change the law to protect victims and to manage perpetrators effectively.

Emma Kay

Emma is an Inspector within Durham Constabulary. As their operational lead on Stalking and Harassment, she has created the training packages and roll-out of stalking training within the force. Alongside the Alice Ruggles Trust, she has set up a project to roll out education in schools around unhealthy relationships and stalking.

Dr Maria Mellins

Maria is a Senior Lecturer at St Mary’s University, London who has also trained as an Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker (ISAC). She is keen to bridge the gap between academic theory and practice and is also working to improve the safety and awareness of the student body around stalking, domestic abuse and coercive control.

Prof. Clive Ruggles

Clive is Alice’s father and a co-founder of the Trust. Clive has spoken at numerous training and development sessions for the police, CPS and judiciary as well as to social and healthcare services, academic colleagues and students. He manages the Trust’s administrative services and plays a leading role in its public awareness raising and campaigning work.

Nick Ruggles

Nick is Alice’s elder brother and a co-founder of the Trust. As a software developer and systems architect he has a particular interest in working with technology companies to protect and safeguard victims, along with technologies for tackling cyber-stalking directly.

Catriona Sibert

Catriona is a Partnerships Manager at Frontline, working with social services departments across the Midlands. She has a range of professional and voluntary experience in the charity sector, working in communications for Cancer Research UK and with young people in schools and through Girlguiding UK. Catriona also has a personal connection to Alice, having fenced with her in the East Midlands youth squad.

Leonard Smith QC

Leonard is a Criminal Barrister specialising in serious crimes such as murder and complex fraud. As Alice’s godfather, he has a particular interest in ensuring that lessons are learnt from Alice’s case within the criminal justice system.

Dr Rachael Wheatley

Rachael is a Forensic Psychologist who has worked for HMPPS (Midlands) for almost twenty years, and is an associate lecturer at the University of Derby. She recently completed a PhD in the psychological risk assessment of, and advising on risk management strategies with, stalking perpetrators. Rachel is particularly interested in raising awareness of stalking behaviours and in working to improve (early) interventions with those who stalk, in order to better protect victims.