Our School Assembly Package


We have designed a school assembly, with accompanying walkthrough notes, to complement our existing PSHE Association-Accredited Relationship Safety Resource. The assembly, focusing on stalking, forms part of a package available for free as part of our new offer to secondary schools and colleges.

Our assembly package can be delivered in person or online, and includes:

  • An assembly led by a representative of the Alice Ruggles Trust;
  • Our full suite of resources, including PSHE lesson plans, walkthrough videos, and the assembly slides; and
  • Training for your staff to be able to confidently use the resources themselves and lead assemblies and lessons in the future.

Get in contact with Katie through our contact form now to organise a visit!


Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To recognise what stalking is and know to take it seriously.
  • To know where to go for support or information if you think you are being stalked.
  • To know how to help a friend or family member who you think may be at risk .


After using our resources teachers have said:

“I am confident that the young people know the difference between stalking and harassment and could identify incidents of both”

    “The young people gained the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to make better decisions about their own safety in the future”