This year’s National Stalking Awareness Week is focusing on the effects of the pandemic upon stalkers and their victims. Lockdown has seen many stalkers change their behaviour: in particular there has been a big increase in cyberstalking. Life has become even more difficult for many victims.

By identifying and highlighting these changes, many of which are likely to be long-term, and by sharing best practice in dealing with them, NSAW 2021 aims to improve the improve the response of statutory and frontline services as well as that of the criminal justice system going forward.

Events during NSAW 2021

The Alice Ruggles Trust, along with other members of the National Stalking Consortium, are planning a range of campaigns and events during NSAW 2021, including:

More about Alice Ruggles Trust events during NSAW 2021


This week we are launching a new version of the Alice Ruggles Trust Relationship Safety Resource for schools


On Thursday we launch our new monthly lunchtime lecture series on Stalking, Abuse and Safety for Young People with a talk by Professor Jane Monckton-Smith


This month we are running the first one- and two-day courses providing qualifications on stalking awareness for professionals and aspiring professionals working with young people


We’ll also releasing new videos on social media on each day of NSAW, focusing on the myths and realities of stalking. The videos have been developed in association with Pauline Quirk Academy, Amersham.

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