In an exciting new development we are launching two short courses leading to Ofqual-registered qualifications. Aimed at professionals and aspiring professionals working with young people, the courses have been created in conjunction with St Mary’s University in Twickenham, London, and Transcend Awards.

There is a one-day course uniquely designed for those working with young people in a variety of education environments. This includes youth workers, coaches, mentors, student services, wellbeing advisors and private training providers as well as teachers operating in active leisure environments, youth development settings, schools, colleges and universities. The qualification aims to develop learners’ stalking awareness and their understanding of the crucial initial steps to follow if someone is subjected to stalking, so that they can support good practice and safety when working with young people. The course leads to the “SAfEE Ambassador” qualification.

The second, two-day, course is aimed at people who hope to secure positions working with young people, within support services, or in campaigning and charity work around stalking, sexual violence and domestic abuse prevention. In addition to gaining knowledge about how to recognise stalking behaviours and what to do to help someone who is being stalked, those on this course will learn to apply this knowledge to the research, planning, design and execution of their own stalking awareness campaigns.

Both courses will initially be run on-line by St Mary’s, but it is hoped that they will soon be available more widely from a number of Universities. The course leads to the “SAfEE Campaigner” qualification.

For more information, see here or go directly to the course page on St Mary’s University’s website.

Posted in News on Mar 15, 2021