On 29 June 2017, Paladin, the National Advocacy Service for high-risk victims of stalking, held a conference entitled "Raising the Bar: Best Practice in Stalking Cases", with speakers including Laura Richards, Baroness Jan Royall, Brian Altman QC, John Trott and others. The meeting was held at the headquarters of Amnesty International in London and the audience comprised representatives from the majority of the 43 UK police forces, the Crown Prosecution Service, and a range of other agencies. Clive was invited to tell Alice's story and to reflect upon the lessons he felt should be learned and what he would like to see change.

After the talk Clive said: “Alice had the ability to light up the room whenever she walked in, and was at a high point in her life: a new career, a great circle of friends, and a new relationship. Her stalker had offended before, was issued a Police Information Notice that was not enforced when breached, and we believe Alice's fear was not take seriously enough owing to her polite and respectful demeanour.

“It seems to me that there are obvious lessons to be learned. More training is needed along with a national register for serial perpetrators. Paladin's conference is important as it places the victims centre stage and focuses on risk and best practice.

“All concerned — the authorities, friends and families, and particularly the victims themselves — need to be better aware of the warning signs and how to react to them. By coming together at this meeting, we hope to bring about effective change in the interests of everyone, but especially for those women falling prey to stalkers.”

We are grateful to Paladin for allowing us to share the story, and happy to know that by doing so we can help to get across important general messages.

Posted in News on Jul 10, 2017