As part of our efforts during National Stalking Awareness Week 2020 to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of stalking, we teamed up with students from the Pauline Quirke Academy in Maidenhead to show how upsetting stalking can be.

Lockdown meant that we had to revise our plans for making videos with the students, but some of them made their own, which we shared on social media.

Stalkers have more time to develop their fixation and obsession—even if they are not able to reach their victim physically.  On-line contact can be just as distressing as a knock at the door. It can be equally alarming if someone is using their daily exercise to walk outside your house or buying flowers for you as part of their essential shop. 

It’s not flattering...

If they won’t stop...

If you are worried about someone’s behaviour, tell a friend or family member and reach out for help.

There is lots of information on our “Be Aware” page.

Posted in News on Apr 25, 2020